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We have helped many artists both indie and major take their career to the next level. You can focus on your music while you have the right guidance in your corner protecting your brand and building leverage for you. When music publicist services are done right it can change the game for any musician as it will drive in the attention needed and solidify your brand in all areas. Contact us today!

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Depending on where your brand is, we guide you on the steps you should take to get to your goal fast and efficiently. We customize a full strategy based on your budget to deliver sizable PR results from getting verified on all social media channels to featuring in A Class red carpet events, live interviews, social networking, Retail placement, Content management, in-store signings and more.

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Music Publicist Services

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Getting your new project in physical retail stores is not always easy but when done correctly it could change the game for any artist. We help you get physical distribution in some of the biggest retail stores like Walmart, Target, Best buy and more. Your brand needs to be seen! We set up in-store signing events in select stores that carry your project to build awareness and capitalize on good quality content.

In-Store Physical Distribution

Event Planning & In-Store Signings

Product Placement and Cross Promotion


Our main objective for our clients is to fill up their calendars and surround them with people that are just as passionate as them! Attend Red Carpet events, mixers, Music release party’s, and strategic interviews that will help bring massive awareness to the brand. One side is the music and your product and the other side is your ability to be transparent and showcase your brand to the world. Our Celebrity Music Publicists will get you in the door.

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When you release your new music you need an audience. You need to be in the mix with major artist that are in the position you are looking to be in. We help strategically place you in the mix by getting you placed on the front page of the biggest blogs in the world. Blogs that average one million viewers or more daily! Our celebrity publicists will get your new music featured on some of the biggest blogs worldwide in order to bring global awareness to your brand.

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After our clients reach a point of success online it’s time we take them global and bring them direct to their biggest fans. We help manage and set up your first tour by booking your venues, transportation, Hotel stay, and more to achieve a successful run. We help document your first tour as far as video, social media content, pictures so that you can post quality content daily.

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Our Music Publicist Services are utilized by a majority of major & indie artists.

First impression is everything and if your brand is not ready, the public will sense that like wolves do fear. We help you identify your weak points and the structure in which you need before taking your brand global. We build your strategy and develop ad campaigns, grassroots marketing, in-store events, cross promotion, & social media marketing. Contact us for more info about music publicist services

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