Social Media Branding & Optimization

Social Media Branding & Optimization

This is the first step any major label will have us take towards building the brand of a new artist. Once you identify your new single or release, we design all channels to be uniform and then we upload your designs & optimize each platform. Our main objective is to create clarity within your brand so when people land on your page, they stick around. We include SEO practices on the back end of your channels to help people find you easier in the search engines. This will get users to pay more attention to your overall brand


You will Notice that any major artist will do this step before spending their budget elsewhere. They Identify their core message before getting involved with marketing to drive in new attention.


Release Your New Project | Optimize Your Brand

We have worked alongside the biggest record labels in the world. During those times we learned the strategies and techniques to develop any artist. Social media branding & optimization should be the FIRST thing any artist does. This creates clarity for your new releases which will help drive more attention to your brand.

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What’s Included?

  • Twitter Design
  • Facebook Design
  • YouTube/VEVO Design
  • Instagram Design
  • Instagram Video Trailer
  • YouTube Video Trailer (If you don’t have a music video for your single)
  • We Upload All Designs
  • We optimize your channels making it easier for you to be found

Check Out Our Most Recent Social Media Branding Designs

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