Social Media Content Management

Focus On Your Music. We Focus On Your Content

Social Media Content Management

How is an artist supposed to record hit records, post on social media 10 times a day, interact with their fans, headline a tour?? It’s not possible. If you want to take your career serious, you need an experienced team in your corner. We have been running social media content management for many major and indie artists alike. We help come with the strategy that will fit your brand perfectly. Social Media Content Management will help generate content including videos, images, custom designs, hashtags, monthly contests and more.

What’s Included With Social Media Content Management?

  • 5 graphics per week include custom graphics that are geared towards social media posts to give more of a visual and attract more visitors.
  • 2-3 high quality posts per day (hashtags included)
  • We posts the best times during the day
  • up to two instagram video trailers per month to keep everything fresh
  • We build all posts and content around your single
  • We will respond to fans, retweet, favorite, like etc to help with more engagement and fan development


Build your brand through quality content generation


Fan Contest Campaigns

We will help set up fan contests and giveaways to engage more users with your content. Fan contests can be powerful with new single or album releases. Gain new fans and connect with them daily. We set up the contests through your social media channels to help funnel traffic back to your brand.


Daily Posting

Posting consistently is one of the most important things you will need to do if you want to build a solid brand. Posting quality content often will drive in massive attention to your brand. We help post daily while generating quality content for your brand. We post during the best times of the day


Content Generation

Having worked alongside major labels for over ten years, we have learned the importance of content generation. Do not think that music alone will build your brand. You need a social media machine and posting consistently is the most important piece. We will help you generate quality content.

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