Street Team Promotion

Build Your brand On The Ground!

Street Team Promotion is one of the strongest ways to cover ground in the physical realm of building a brand. We develop a full team of our staff to go to specific locations and set up free giveaways, flyer handouts, events, and more. You should always have a budget set aside for your street team to promote your brand and put your music in the streets. We develop a branded team to push your brand!

Street Team Promotion

We will build a custom street team to promote your new releases. While you promote your brand online we will have a team on the ground covering areas in your hometown. We help distribute flyers and cover ad space such as billboards, overpass ads, and cd distribution for your new single or release.


street team promotion

Build a street team

street team promotion

We help set up advertisement ads and get them placed in prime real estate locations to drive real attention back to your brand. This could be an album release, single release, album release party and more. There is no better advertising then prime real estate positioning and having your brand in the passing lanes. We have worked under record labels for years and have developed some of the most successful street team promotion campaigns for artists like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Rowland, Nick Jonas and more.

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Branded Street Team

We develop a branded team to run Street Team Giveaways in the area of your choice for campaigns lasting up to 2 months at a time. Promote in your home town or a big city and drive attention to your brand.

Affordable Pricing

We offer affordable pricing and we work with your budget. We can help develop a two week campaign or 2 month campaign depending on how many areas you would want your street team to cover.

Print Materials

We design, brand and print all physical materials including flyers, custom hard drives, chains, press passes, business cards, club flyers and more. We cover all of the printing needs for your street team campaign all included.

Tracking Success

Once we finalize your street team promotional campaign we send you full reports on the success rate and the targeted demographic that we were able to hit for your brand. We document every step of the way!

Direct Advertising On The Ground

The internet has taken over and the most recent successful artists have come from twitter, Instagram & YouTube but that doesn’t mean the labels still don’t use street team promotion to get a brand seen. When a campaign is set up correctly it will have the impact you need for the budget. It will allow you to generate amazing content and meet new fans while seeing face to face how people react to your music. Give us a call today to discuss your brand and set up your campaign at (866) 705-6651.

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