Guaranteed music charting on Billboard or iTunes

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At the VM Agency, we specialize in making your charting dreams a reality. Whether you’re aiming for the Top 200, Top 100, Top 50, Top 25, Top 10, Top 5, or even the coveted #1 spot on the iTunes charts, we have the expertise and the network to make it happen. Our unique ability to drive sufficient sales guarantees not just a position but a standout presence on the overall iTunes song charts. No matter the genre or scale of your ambitions, our tailored campaigns are designed to meet the specific goals of your track.


Whether you’re targeting the Billboard Top 200, Hot 100, Top 50, Top 25, Top 10, Top 5, or even aiming for the #1 spot, we combine streaming and hard sales to ensure your success. Our strategic approach can propel your song to standout positions on the Billboard charts. If your song is solid and you meet the requirements, our customized campaigns are crafted to meet the specific charting goals of your track. Send us your song and we will lay out a roadmap for your charting goals!


Why Chart with Us?


One-day or Multiple-day campaigns are available.


Strategic campaigns targeting top chart positions.


We Emphasize organic promotion methods and real sales.


Nobody can beat our prices! NOBODY!


Guarantee of charting or money-back.


Massive network and proven success in the industry.

Live text access and updates on your charting day!


Every campaign comes with a video teaser to share with your fans.


Guaranteed proof of charting


US-based company is always available by call.


Pre-sale release campaigns are available!


We can chart any position in any genre!

Strategic Campaigns for Top Chart Positions:
Aiming for the top? Our strategic campaigns are geared towards achieving top positions like #1 or top 5. Given the competitive and dynamic nature of music charts, we recommend contacting us through the form below for a tailored quote that aligns with your charting ambitions.


Leveraging Your Chart Success:
Charting is a pivotal moment that should be strategically used to build your brand. It should be highlighted in your Electronic Press Kit (EPK), press articles, and storytelling to media and fans.


Recognition and Rewards:
Achieving a chart position makes you eligible for a plaque from certified RIAA companies like Jewel Box Platinum. We assist you in ordering your plaque by providing all necessary proof of your charting success.


Authentic Sales and Tangible Results:
Unlike competitors, we guarantee 100% real sales from a network that has supported major labels for over 15 years. Our capability to generate significant hard sales allows any artist to compete across any genre. We offer real-time proof of your chart position, which you can verify directly in the iTunes store.


Custom Hard Sale Targets:
Whether your goal is to prepare for a meeting, secure a brand deal, or sign a record contract, we can meet any sales target. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will provide a customized quote to help you achieve your objectives.


Pre-sale Campaigns:
Jumpstart your release with our targeted pre-sale campaigns. Set a sales target, share your track with us, and watch as your music climbs the charts even before its official release. This strategy not only increases visibility but also engages your audience, boosts your chances of chart success, and enhances your ROI.


The Importance of Charting:
Charting on iTunes is predominantly driven by hard sales, while Billboard charting also depends on streaming numbers and sales ratios. We guide you through these requirements to maximize your chart success.


Why Choose The VM Agency?
Charting with us means leveraging our extensive network. We ensure you get the lowest possible quotes for Billboard and iTunes chart placements. We’re here during your charting day to provide live updates and celebrate your success. We also create custom content, like designed videos featuring your artwork, to highlight your peak chart positions.

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Our charting process is built on a robust network established over 15 years, dedicated to generating real hard sales for our clients. When you choose a position ranking that fits your budget and objectives, we initiate the process. After you place your order, we will coordinate the optimal charting day to maximize your visibility. As you start charting, we ensure you capitalize on the momentum from day one.

Whether you're an indie artist or signed to a major label, ordering a plaque from RIAA-accredited companies is standard. We provide the necessary charting proof for your plaque order. We recommend leveraging this milestone to enhance your promotional efforts, such as press releases and website features, celebrating your song's success.

Absolutely! We encourage direct communication on your charting day and celebrate your success alongside you. We keep you informed in real time as your song climbs the charts and provide you with all necessary proofs and a custom teaser video featuring your artwork, ready for social media sharing.

Typically, our campaigns are structured as one-day events. However, we offer customized campaigns for artists aiming to chart for multiple days. We tailor our efforts to meet your specific goals and drive the necessary sales to sustain your chart position.

Yes, any sales generated through our song charting services are reported back to your distributor. This ensures you receive a portion of the revenue, making it a valuable investment in your music career.

We guarantee charting if we accept and start your order, or you get a full refund. Our commitment is to deliver results without any risk to our clients, ensuring satisfaction and charting success.

For nearly two decades, we've been supporting artists in achieving their sales targets and charting success. Our experience has enabled countless artists to seize significant opportunities and advance their careers.

Our pricing is 40-50% lower than our competitors because we provide direct access to industry connections and networks, without the middlemen. Our cost-effective strategies are designed to give both indie and major artists equal opportunities to chart. With two decades of building relationships, we pass on unmatched value and pricing to our clients.

We welcome business from both record labels and independent artists. As long as your song is professionally produced and of high quality, we can help you achieve charting success, enhancing your visibility and impact in the music industry.

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