Digital Music Distribution

Digital Music Distribution Of Your New Single, EP, or Album

Digital Music Distribution | Sell Your Music Online

We submit & place your music with the biggest retailers worldwide. We do not charge monthly or yearly fees for music digital distribution of your single, album, or ep. You will receive the same music distribution that all major labels utilize for their artists for a fraction of the cost with one time fees. Get started today and release your new music to the world quickly and efficiently. Contact us if you have any questions.

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digital music distribution

digitial music distribution
digital music distribution

  • We Submit To 200+ Retailers

  • You choose your release dates

  • Collect 100% royalties

  • Distribute ALBUM | EP | SINGLE

  • Earn Money on your streams

Sell Your Music

We deliver your single, ep, or album directly to the most popular retailers including Amazon, apple music, tidal, Shazam and more. You choose the price point for your music and your release dates.

Promote Your Releases

Once your music is online you can start promoting! We offer many different options to promote your music online. We get your new releases heard and drive attention to your brand.

Collect Royalties

As your music sells you will earn royalties on your account. You are getting paid on downloads and streams and listens. Earn money from your music in more ways than one.

Get Started Today

digital music distribution

You should be earning money from your music. Download purchases are not the only way to earn money from your tracks. With the right digital music distribution, you will earn money based on streaming from retailers like Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify and more. Let distribute your music and create more brand awareness for your singles, albums, and ep’s. Get started today!

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