we specialize in designing the perfect electronic press kit for musicians and pitching decks for those looking to elevate their music careers. Our digital platform provides a comprehensive solution for musicians and record labels, enabling them to showcase their talent, achievements, and aspirations in a professional and compelling manner.


Crafting an Electronic Press Kit For Musicians is crucial in today’s competitive music industry. It serves as a powerful tool for artists to pitch their music to record label A&R executives, music sync and licensing companies, and various industry professionals. Our team of experienced designers understands the importance of a visually striking EPK that effectively communicates the artist’s unique brand and musical identity.


Electronic press kit for artists can highlight accolades, including notable performances, chart rankings, awards, press features, and collaborations. We ensure that each EPK is tailored to the artist’s specific needs and goals, creating a cohesive narrative that captivates industry decision-makers. Our emphasis is on designing sleek and user-friendly interfaces that make navigation intuitive for potential industry partners, enabling them to explore the artist’s work seamlessly.


Once your EPK is professionally designed and primed for success, take the next step by visiting our resource page. There, you can easily access and download our exclusive A&R list, which will be an invaluable asset in your journey. With your brand fully prepared, you can confidently begin pitching to record labels.


In the music industry, record labels prioritize solid numbers and a compelling presentation. By utilizing EPK pitching decks instead of inundating them with numerous emails, you’ll make both your job and theirs much more manageable. EPK pitching decks are the preferred method for brand evaluation, and by adopting this approach, you increase your chances of standing out and grabbing their attention. So, let’s make your brand shine and facilitate a smoother path toward your musical aspirations.


We design up to 7 pages for $250. If you would like us to design more slides, just inquire, and we can provide you with a custom quote.

We will have you fill out a form requesting the information that we need to create your EPK. This includes items such as your logo (if you have one), artwork designs, high-quality images, social media links, and other relevant details.

The standard timeframe for completion is 3-4 days. Within this timeframe, we aim to deliver a fully designed and functional EPK.

You can use your EPK to pitch your music and brand to potential managers, record label executives, music sync and licensing companies, and more. It serves as a digital website that makes it easier for interested parties to navigate and engage with your content.

Yes, absolutely. We provide a few initial slides to give you a preview and an opportunity to review the overall theme. During this stage, you can request revisions, and we will make the necessary updates. Once finalized, we move forward with the remaining slides.

Once everything is approved and finalized, we will code the EPK and convert the slides into a cohesive PDF file. We will deliver the file via email, allowing you to easily upload it to your website, send it via email, or distribute it in any way that suits your needs.

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