Client: Mac Miller


Our mission was to set up a global awareness campaign. With Viral Marketing there is no one way to do it but sometimes luck plays a major role. In this case the video garnered 115 million views once it reached Donald Trump. “Donald Trump” was the first song by Mac Miller to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

115 million views currently

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100 %


Video Likes

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Video Comments

Marketing Plan & Overall Strategy

  • Cross Promotion which reached Donald Trump
  • Donald Trump’s Endorsement made the video viral
  • video was placed on over 500 major blogs in 48 hours
  • video was syndicated worldwide
  • video was aired in retail outlets such as footlocker & h&m
  • Video was placed in fitness gyms globally
  • The single aired on major radio stations
  • Video was aired before movie premiere’s around the world
  • Video was embedded in thousands of websites online and shared