Music Video Production

Music Video Production is a big part of any musicians career. Our music video production team here at has done videos for artists like Snoop Dogg, French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly, Tinashe and more! We write the perfect treatment for your hit single and bring our expertise to bring your vision to reality. We offer different options depending on location permits, props, models, makeup crew, etc.

Professional Video Equipment

Music Video Production

We shoot all music videos with the top of the line music video production equipment including the Red Camera. We own the most popular filters and lighting for any situation your video shoot calls for. We write your treatment or create your shoot around the treatment you send in. We create sets specifically to your video. We have access to hundreds of permit locations to give your music video production an exclusive feel. Contact us today so we can discuss your project!

Exotic Car Rentals

If you need exotic cars for your video shoot we offer great prices for full day by day rentals. We even offer 5-10 hour time blocks. We offer rentals for Lamborgini, ferarri, Corvette, Bentley, Escalade and more. If you have something particular in mind we can get it for you in time for you shoot depending on if we are going to you or if you come to us. Please email us with your ideas and project scope.

music video production

Shoot Your Next Video With Us!

We write your treatment, shoot your video and edit

Pro Video Shoots

We help you save money and time with your shoots. majority of Major Labels utilize our music video production service to cut down costs but still maintain pro quality. Your video production plays a major role.

Major Video Marketing

Once we finalize your video shoot we can distribute your video on VEVO & Youtube and drive massive attention to your video. We can utilize social media marketing and blog promotion to drive in real attention to your new video.

TV Network Placement

We shoot your video in 4k quality meeting television standards so when your video is finalized we can submit your video for placement to major networks like MTV, BET, FUSE, MT2, and more. Contact us for pricing

Major Blog Placement

Once we finalize the editing process of your video and you set your release date, we can submit your music video for major placement with major blogs leading to guaranteed front page placement.

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