Organic youtube promotion


We only offer organic YouTube promotion. We strictly refrain from employing any bots, and our constant goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of our work to you! Through Google ads, we ensure that your video reaches a genuine audience, resulting in significant watch time growth.


Organic youtube promotion


we offer targeted options for organic  video promotion, allowing you to specify locations, and age groups, and piggyback on related videos for targeted traffic. Please note that targeted options may incur a slight increase in cost compared to regular traffic campaigns.


Organic youtube promotion


We include a complimentary press release with every order, amplifying your exposure. By distributing the press release and simultaneously running ads, we effectively enhance your visibility. Pitching to blogs while promoting is a formula for success in the music industry.



At the VM Agency, we believe in transparent communication. With every organic YouTube promotion campaign order, we provide comprehensive weekly updates to our clients. We are readily available for calls and ensure prompt email responses within 24 hours, even on weekends. Your satisfaction and informed decision-making are our top priorities.

Organic youtube promotion


Transparency is our foundation. We prioritize open communication with our clients, ensuring clarity before and during our collaborations. We are readily accessible for phone conversations, valuing the importance of addressing any concerns. Transparency is not just a buzzword for us—it is a core belief we uphold.

Organic youtube promotion


At the VM Agency, we prioritize organic YouTube promotion to maintain control over the speed of traffic and meet our client’s specific needs. Unlike other companies, we steer clear of bot traffic and fake views. With complete control over the speed and goals, we strive to accommodate and assist you in achieving your desired objectives.


We exclusively focus on organic traffic generation through Google ads, ensuring that no bots or artificial means are employed. Should you have any inquiries or wish to schedule a call, we would be delighted to discuss this matter directly, taking your video into careful consideration.

Each campaign is unique, and the duration is determined by the volume of traffic we generate for your video. Prior to commencing your campaign, we will discuss this matter with you through email or phone communication. Whether you prefer a swift or gradual pace for your campaign, the choice is entirely yours! We aim to be accommodating, but if you would prefer to rely on our expertise, we are more than willing to take charge.

The promotion eligibility of a video depends on its level of explicitness. If the video contains elements such as weapons, drugs, nudity, or racy content, it will not be accepted by Google Ads or any ad network. Unfortunately, videos of this nature cannot be organically promoted due to their non-compliance with public consumption regulations. However, we can assist by reviewing your video and submitting it for ad approval in advance to determine its suitability for promotion.

We guarantee a full refund if your video is not approved for video ads. There is absolutely no risk in utilizing our services. We understand the importance of delivering results and ensuring your satisfaction. If, for any reason, your video fails to meet the necessary criteria for ad approval, we will promptly refund your payment without hesitation. Our commitment is to provide you with a risk-free experience when working with us.

The approval process for Google Ads typically ranges from 2-3 hours to 2 days. The duration may vary depending on the specific video being reviewed. However, as soon as your video receives approval, you will begin to witness a noticeable increase in traffic. Rest assured that we will keep you updated at every stage of the process, and you can reach out to us anytime if you have any inquiries or require further assistance.

Your campaign manager can offer you essential information about your campaign, including delivered views and view rate. However, for a more comprehensive analysis, we suggest accessing your YouTube Studio account, which provides detailed insights and analytics regarding your campaign's performance.

You have the flexibility to target your promotion as precisely as desired, including age groups, locations, interests, and more. Additionally, with the use of re-targeting technology, you can even place your video in front of audiences who have shown interest in similar videos. However, it's important to note that targeted views will lead to increased promotion costs. Most ad networks typically raise costs when targeting specific demographics or interests.

As part of your order, we are pleased to offer a complimentary press release. During the marketing campaign, we will utilize the press release to pitch to various blogs, simultaneously running your ads. We do not impose any additional charges for this service, as we firmly believe that blog placements contribute to enhancing the promotion's dynamics. This strategic approach aids in boosting video likes, shares, and overall engagement.

In the realm of organic traffic, it is important to note that only one campaign can be run per video. While you have the freedom to order multiple campaigns for a single video, it is not feasible to split the traffic between multiple videos within a single campaign. Beware of any claims suggesting otherwise, as the only way to accomplish such a split would involve using traffic bots, which we strongly discourage.

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