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Occasionally, in rare instances, a blog may exercise its discretion in selecting content that aligns with its platform goals, resulting in a release not being featured. Should this occur, we will consult with you to determine the best course of action. You have the option to either receive a refund or replace the placement with an alternative of equal or higher value.


EDM Sauce stands as the paramount destination for enthusiasts of Electronic Dance Music, proudly assuming the role of the foremost authority in the realm. With an unwavering commitment to provide an all-encompassing experience, it serves as the go-to hub for the latest updates on EDM News, including cutting-edge releases, captivating interviews with industry luminaries, and a treasure trove of musical gems waiting to be discovered. Beyond its role as a comprehensive resource, EDM Sauce’s influence extends to an immersive EDM Lifestyle Store, where aficionados can immerse themselves in a world of carefully curated merchandise, emblematic of the vibrant and exhilarating culture that pulsates within the EDM community. Resonating with fervent energy and an unparalleled dedication to the genre, EDM Sauce emerges as the definitive #1 EDM Blog, a relentless champion of Electronic Dance Music in all its resplendent forms.

Unlocking the power of press can elevate your reputation to new heights when harnessed effectively. Strategic press coverage can pave the way for verification and establish a prominent presence on Google. By crafting well-optimized press releases and implementing SEO techniques, you can secure high-ranking positions for your name on various influential blogs. It is important to bear in mind that while we don’t own these blogs, we diligently pitch and negotiate placements on your behalf. Occasionally, securing placements may take some time, but our primary objective remains swift delivery. In the event that we are unable to land your desired placement, we guarantee a full refund.


In addition to accepting submitted articles, we also offer a complimentary service of writing your press release. Our deep understanding of blog preferences allows us to craft compelling content tailored precisely to their needs. Leveraging your blog placements effectively presents several avenues for maximizing their impact. Incorporating them into your EPK (Electronic Press Kit), establishing a dedicated press page on your website, and partnering with reputable sources can aid in obtaining verification through influential platforms. Major labels particularly appreciate independent musicians who proactively develop their portfolios, as it establishes a foundation of trust within their fan base.


We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing options for securing press coverage. Our exclusive relationships, cultivated over two decades, enable us to offer the most cost-effective solutions for amplifying your presence. If you come across a genuine permanent link source offering better pricing, we guarantee to beat it. We prioritize your success by providing unrivaled access to influential blogs at the most competitive rates available.

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