iTunes Music Charting


Guaranteed Itunes Music Charting, or your money back.


  • Top 50 charting option
  • Top 100 charting option
  • Top 200 charting option
  • Song must be mixed and mastered and pass industry standard requirements
  • 2-3 week turn around time


Submit your music today so we can build your strategy plan.






In the competitive landscape of the music industry, it’s all about leveraging your accomplishments to propel your career forward. We understand the power of leveraging your achievements, as it can greatly impact your prospects for shows, brand deals, and overall recognition. That’s why we offer a groundbreaking service that guarantees your song will chart on Apple Music, providing you with valuable leverage points to elevate your career.


Charting on Apple Music is not only an impressive accomplishment in itself but also serves as tangible proof of your success. We highly recommend our clients take advantage of this achievement by obtaining a plaque or certification and using it to leverage their brand on social media. Showcasing how well your single performed on Apple Music’s charts can significantly boost your reputation and attract attention from industry professionals.


However, we believe it is essential to approach charting services with caution. Instead of relying solely on charting, it’s crucial to build a solid foundation for your song’s success. This means ensuring your single has garnered a substantial number of streams and monthly listeners on platforms like Spotify and achieved significant viewership on platforms like YouTube. By establishing a strong online presence and investing in effective marketing efforts, the process of charting your song becomes much more attainable.


Charting your music is a well-guarded secret within major record labels, as they utilize this strategy to enhance their artists’ overall image and marketability. We firmly believe that this method can yield long-term benefits for independent artists as well. Therefore, we strongly advocate incorporating charting as an integral part of your release strategy.

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