Organic Youtube Promotion




Boost your video’s visibility with our fully compliant, 100% organic promotion strategy.

What We Offer:

  • Organic Traffic: We Drive traffic via Google Ads. Tik Tok Ads are used for strategy if needed while pitching your video to blogs for increased shares.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Each campaign includes additional video likes, shares, and overall engagement to maximize impact. We can never guarantee amounts when dealing with real people but we can guarantee that you will receive engagement.

  • FREE Press Release: Every campaign comes with a professionally crafted press release, used to pitch your video to blogs and gain more exposure.

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Flexible Pricing for Your Music Video Campaigns

Our pricing options are tailored for up to 5-minute songs and videos. If your video exceeds 5 minutes, please email us for a custom quote.

Targeted Campaigns for Maximum Impact:

  • Audience Targeting: Each campaign is designed to reach individuals with similar interests and preferences within your genre.

  • Location-Specific Targeting: Targeting specific locations can increase the ad bid, resulting in higher costs. The pricing will reflect the areas you wish to focus on.

Custom Quotes and Expert Advice:

  • Custom Quotes: For a personalized quote based on your unique audience and goals, please email us.

  • Expert Guidance: If you need advice tailored to your budget and objectives, set up a call with one of our experts. Our team has experience promoting music videos for some of the biggest artists in the world.

Contact us today to get started and elevate your music video promotion!

Video Approval Notice:

Your video must be clean and suitable for all ages to qualify for ad promotion. Common disqualifiers include excessive skin, violence, hate speech, or aggressive content. If your video isn’t approved, you can request a refund or adjust your campaign to target adult advertisers, which offers limited control compared to standard ads.

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