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  • Use your own write-up if you have one.
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  • Turnaround Time varies
  • For links and Turnaround time, please check the Dropdown below


Occasionally, a blog may exercise its discretion in selecting content that aligns with its platform goals, resulting in a release not being featured. Should this occur, we will consult with you to determine the best course of action. You have the option to either receive a refund or replace the placement with an alternative of equal or higher value.

Press Links & Turnaround Time

24 Hip Hop  4-6 Day TAT

AllHipHop  4-6 Day TAT

Artist Weekly  4-6 Day TAT

Billboard Argentina  4-6 Day TAT (Article will be released in Spanish)

Bust Magazine   3-5 Day TAT

Cali Post  4-6 Day TAT  1.5-2 Weeks TAT

Contrast Magazine   6-8 Days TAT

Cultr Magazine  3-6 Day TAT

Dancing Astronaut  4-6 Day TAT

Digital Music News  1.5-2 Weeks TAT

EarMilk  1.5-2 Weeks TAT

EDM Sauce  4-6 Day TAT

Elite Music News  4-6 Day TAT

Flaunt Magazine  3-6 Weeks TAT

GQ South Africa  1.5-2 Weeks TAT

Galore Magazine  6-8 DAys TAT

Grazia Magazine  2-3 Weeks TAT

HipHopSince1987   4-6 Day TAT

Hollywood Unlocked  4-6 Day TAT

Hood Critic  4-6 Day TAT

Hot New Hip Hop  4-6 Day TAT

Idols 2 Rivals  1-3 Day TAT

KPop Starz  4-6 Day TAT

Music Observer  4-6 Day TAT

Muzique Magazine  4-6 Day TAT

Notion Online  1.5-2 Weeks TAT

Paste Magazine  2-3 Weeks TAT

PlaylistEnvy  1-3 Day TAT

Rolling Stone (UK)   7-9 Day TAT

The Hype Magazine  4-6 Day TAT  4-6 Day TAT

The Source  1.5-2 Weeks TAT

Vents Magazine  4-6 Day TAT

We Rave You  1.5-2 Weeks TAT

Mark Meets  3-8 Day TAT

Now Entertainment  4-6 Day TAT

Music News  4-6 Day TAT

Magnetic Mag  4-6 Day TAT

Rap Reviews  4-6 Day TAT

Neon Music  4-6 Day TAT

Sheen Magazine  4-6 Day TAT

Broadway World  2-5 Day TAT

E Online  4-6 Day TAT

CelebMix  4-6 Day TAT

Swagger Magazine  3-4 weeks TAT

Metal Injection  2-3 Weeks TAT

Rocks Off Magazine  2-3 Weeks TAT  2-3 Weeks TAT

Metal Sucks  2-3 Weeks TAT

World Star  6-9 Day TAT

Ritz Herald News  4-6 Day TAT


The Following Press Requires Approval  2-4 Week TAT ($35,000)

Rolling Stone  2-4 Weeks TAT ($16,500)

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