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  • 5K Streams – $250
  • 10K Streams – $375
  • 20K Streams – $575
  • 30K Streams – $750
  • 50K Streams – $1,250


We pitch your song first before you pay anything. Our objective is to make sure that we can find a match and promote the song to your desired streams. If your song isn’t a match for our network, you don’t pay a penny.


In an industry where major record labels play a pivotal role in artist development and recognition, Spotify numbers and growth have become key factors in their decision-making process. These labels often set a benchmark, such as a minimum of 25,000 monthly listeners, before considering signing an artist.


The reason behind this requirement is simple: Spotify provides a transparent and authentic representation of an artist’s popularity and consistency, making it difficult to manipulate or fake. At the heart of our service is a meticulous process of handpicking influential playlists within our extensive network. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that each artist’s single is matched with playlists that have a strong following and align with their musical style.


This strategic approach guarantees that their music receives the exposure it deserves, reaching the right audience and generating organic traffic. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to utilizing only organic playlists. We believe in promoting music through legitimate means, and our curated playlists are selected based on their adherence to organic methods of driving traffic and building a fan base.

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