The Foundation Bundle


This bundle is great for setting up the foundation for your brand.


  • Social Media Branding Designs
  • Artwork Design
  • YouTube Promotionial Campaign 50-80K Target


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The Foundation Bundle is an all-inclusive package designed to provide an extensive range of services for promoting your music and establishing your online presence. This comprehensive bundle includes social media designs, artwork design, and a YouTube promotion campaign that aims to generate between 50,000 and 80,000 views for your new single.


With the Foundation Bundle, you’ll receive expertly crafted social media designs that align with your brand and enhance your online image. Additionally, our team will create premium artwork designs that will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. These designs can be quickly delivered to your distributor, ensuring that your music reaches the market promptly.


The YouTube promotion aspect of the bundle is a vital component in driving exposure to your music. We will employ various strategies, including the creation of a press release and pitching your single to relevant music blogs, during the campaign. This will help generate interest and increase visibility for your music on the platform.


By combining effective social media branding, eye-catching artwork designs, and targeted YouTube promotion, the Foundation Bundle serves as a powerful catalyst for your music campaign. It sets the stage for a successful launch, drawing in organic viewers to your lyric video or music video and paving the way for increased engagement and recognition.

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