Tier 1 VEVO Marketing


We will promote your video organically on VEVO and drive more attention. All traffic is 100% organic and within the terms and service of VEVO and Youtube.


  • We drive traffic from Google Ads while pitching your video to blogs to create shares.
  • Every campaign will come with video likes, shares, and engagement.
  • Every campaign comes with a free press release that we use to pitch to blogs.


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We only offer organic youtube promotion. We strictly refrain from employing any bots, and our constant goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of our work to you! Through Google Ads, we ensure that your video reaches a genuine audience, resulting in significant watch time growth.


We offer targeted options for organic video promotion, allowing you to specify locations, and age groups, and piggyback on related videos for targeted traffic. Please note that targeted options may incur a slight increase in cost compared to regular traffic campaigns.


We include a complimentary press release with every order, amplifying your exposure. By distributing the press release and simultaneously running ads, we effectively enhance your visibility. Pitching to blogs in conjunction with organic youtube promotion serves as an excellent strategy to boost engagement.


With every organic youtube promotion campaign order, we provide comprehensive weekly updates to our clients. We are readily available for calls and ensure prompt email responses within 24 hours, even on weekends. Your satisfaction and informed decision-making are our top priorities.


Transparency is our foundation. We prioritize open communication with our clients, ensuring clarity before and during our collaborations. We are readily accessible for phone conversations, valuing the importance of addressing any concerns. Transparency is not just a buzzword for us—it is a core belief we uphold.

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