Ultimate EDM + Dance + Pop Press Bundle


This bundle includes for following:


  • Dancing Astronaut
  • YourEDM

Introducing the Ultimate EDM Bundle, a comprehensive press bundle tailored specifically for genres such as EDM, pop, and dance music. This bundle offers top-notch blog placements on the most reputable and influential blogs in the industry. These blogs have cultivated a dedicated audience of EDM and dance music enthusiasts who are actively seeking new artists and music.


By securing press placements on these blogs, you gain access to a highly engaged and targeted audience that is eager to discover fresh talent. These placements not only expose your music to a wide audience but also provide you with a valuable backlink that can significantly improve your website’s ranking in search engines like Google. The high domain authority of these blogs enhances your online presence, making it easier for fans and industry professionals to find you and increasing your chances of getting verified on various platforms.


To make the most of your press placements, leverage them strategically across your social media channels. Share the coverage as celebration posts, emphasizing your achievements and generating excitement among your followers. Incorporate the press placements into your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to make a strong impression on industry professionals and potential collaborators. Furthermore, create a dedicated press page on your website, showcasing your achievements and establishing your brand’s authority and credibility.


The EDM Bundle provides you with a powerful opportunity to connect with the EDM and dance music community, gain exposure, and solidify your brand within the industry. By capitalizing on these press placements and utilizing them effectively, you can attract a dedicated fan base, impress industry insiders, and open doors to new opportunities.

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