Verification Press Bundle


This is the Verification press Bundle. It includes the following blog placements:


  • Notion
  • Flaunt
  • Dancing Astronaut
  • LA Weekly or Lyrical Lemonade (Pitching approval process)
  • BreakfastClub (power 105.1)
  • Earmilk
  • Wonderland Magazine


(These blogs help towards building your artist portfolio for verification. Verification requirements will always come down to the weight of the account. You want to make sure that you have enough press from blogs that already verified on multiple platforms adding weight back to your accounts. Every artist is different but 5-8 blogs is what an artist will need to meet requirements for verification)


Keep in mind that you will still need a submission for verification to any platform. Channels will not verify you automatically. If you would like us to help, please contact us to discuss budget. This bundle is just press only.


the Verification Blog bundle is a powerful combination of press and blog placements that will take your brand to new heights. This exclusive bundle guarantees real press placements on seven premium major blogs with exceptional search results. When it comes to attaining that prestigious checkmark and getting verified on social media channels, meeting press requirements is crucial, and we’ve got you covered.


Our bundle provides you with the opportunity to secure press placements on some of the biggest and most influential blogs globally. What sets these blogs apart is not only their massive reach and engaged audience but also their verification on social media platforms. By securing press on verified blogs, you not only gain exposure but also add weight and credibility to your social media accounts and brand.


These blogs boast high domain authority rankings, which translates to solid backlinks for your brand. A backlink from a reputable and high-ranking blog can significantly impact your website’s search engine ranking, boosting visibility and driving organic traffic. This type of press is precisely what record labels and industry professionals look for, as it demonstrates your legitimacy and establishes you as a serious artist.


Make the most of your press placements by leveraging them across your social media channels. Share the press coverage as celebration posts, highlighting your achievements and building excitement among your followers. Incorporate the press placements into your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to impress industry professionals and potential collaborators. Additionally, create a dedicated press page on your website, showcasing your achievements and solidifying your brand’s authority and credibility.

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