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Have you wondered about how you can get a VEVO channel? Do you wonder if it’s only for Major (signed) Artists? The answer is NO! You can get a VEVO channel as long as your content is high quality and you are serious about your music career. We can help you get a VEVO channel today! Distribution to VEVO will help bring more brand awareness to your music career. Contact us today to set up your VEVO distribution plan and you can start premiering your videos on VEVO.

Get a VEVO channel today and use it to build leverage in your brand. Contact us today and we review your brand to make sure you qualify to become a VEVO artist. It’s our job to deliver high quality content to VEVO, so we just need to make sure that you meet the requirements. We always suggest to distribute your official videos to VEVO and your other videos to YouTube.

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Get On | VEVO distribution

Get a VEVO channel today and distribute your videos! VEVO is most popular in Major artists like Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj & more. VEVO can help build leverage within your brand and make you look great to your fans!

Is there any VEVO requirements?

  • Quality content & video
  • Official Music videos (no low quality videos)
  • Lyric videos are accepted (high quality)
  • itunes single or album link
  • Social media presense (twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram)
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