VEVO Promotion

Drive Real Attention To Your videos with VEVO Promotion.

We are the leaders in VEVO promotion with over 15 viral videos under our belt and over 5 billion organic views delivered to indie & Major artists alike. First thing we do is submit your video to our blog networks where we work exclusively to achieve front page placement. This will build momentum in your VEVO video being on the front page of music blogs. We promote your video until completion of your campaign


Music Blog Promotion

We submit your video to our music blog network leading to front page blog placements that will help drive traffic to your video leading to overall attention. Most companies only use bots which is why you will see your video only receiving views. We suggest our clients to Stay away from boosted views. We drive organic traffic delivering views, video likes, social shares, video favorites and more. We deliver the strongest VEVO promotion campaign on the market today and approach each client with a custom strategy based on the position of the artist.

We guarantee to reach the range of numbers that you order in your video campaign. We always over deliver on our campaigns but keep in mind when dealing with real traffic you can never know how much traffic the video will gain but we will continue to promote until numbers are reached.

VEVO promotion

Viral Video | VEVO Promotion

View Maniac was voted the #1 Music Marketing Agency in 2015-2016 and we are proud of that! We have had 15 videos go viral under our marketing campaigns over the past 7 years. We are the most trusted agency when it comes to marketing videos for major artists and labels around the globe and we understand how important your reputation is. We truly understand where to place a video with quality content to influence users to view your video as popular. We use calculated strategy and our industry experience to deliver a successful VEVO promotion campaign for you. Get started today!

VEVO Promotion

We drive real attention with VEVO promotion through social media marketing, music blog promotion, and email marketing. We understand how important brand awareness is and we love to help our clients get their content out there!

Video Shares

Video Shares are important to VEVO & YouTube and it’s how they gauge whether your gaining real traction with your video. We help clients get shared by encouraging users to share content through social influence to gain popularity.

Video Likes

Video likes play a major role in getting a video to viral stardom. Video likes will send signals to VEVO & YouTube letting them know your video is popular. We encourage users to like your video through social influence strategy.

Video Favorites

When your video is growing in popularity VEVO & YouTube wants to know that their users are saying they favorite your video. This will allow for your video to be found easier and to push your video campaign to completion.

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