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Spotify promotion | Spotify Streaming

If you’re streaming your music on Spotify but you aren’t getting the attention you want, we could help. We set up Spotify campaigns to drive in followers, plays and increase your brand awareness. Our Spotify promotion is being used by artists around the world. Earn more money from your music and build your overall brand at the same time! Contact us today so we can review your new music and get you started.


How It Works:

We focus on one song per campaign

We drive 100% organic streams

 We get your song featured with blogs to help create shares

We run ads on your song to get more clicks and to increase streams/plays

We run advanced email marketing campaigns to increase streams + followers


We do send real traffic and users to your new release so it’s important to note that we cannot split traffic between multiple songs. We focus on one song per campaign.

Campaign turn around time

this all depends on the campaign you choose and the size of the project. We do start right away, once you order is placed. It will take a day or so before we can see traffic start to kick in. We do update you throughout the process and you will be assigned a project manager if you ever have questions.


Playlist Pitching

If you’re interested in pitching your channel to playlists, please contact us at We can go over your options based on how developed your channel is and send you more info from there.


Earning Royalties

our clients earn royalties on all marketing and promotion that is done through View Maniac. Our traffic is real so you never have to worry about issues with your distribution. Your distributors will pay out royalties on the traffic you receive from us.

Spotify Promotion Campaigns

Earn more money with your new spotify releases

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Increase your chance of landing on the charts!

We help drive millions of new plays to artists around the globe

Increase your followers and gain more fans

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We are always innovating and using cutting edge techniques to drive attention to your releases. We use blog promotion and pitching to create shares and embeds with your song. We also run mutliple email marketing campaigns to put your music in front of new users. We also run creative ads to get people to find your channel around the world. Our traffic with spotify promotion is 100% organic. We don’t ever use software or bots and you will be able to see that with our stats. We always update you on any shares that we receive so you can see who is picking up your single.  If you have any questions, you can email us directly at

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Spotify promotion | Spotify Streaming

How does the campaigns work?

We don’t operate like most companies. We do drive organic attention to your spotify channel. We never use software or bots. We only use organic methods to put your song in front of real users. We first start by pitching your single to blogs. This allows us to create shares and embeds outside of your spotify channel. This will help rank the song and drive more attention. We run creative ad campaigns that puts people in front of the song to increase streams/followers. We also run multiple email marketing campaigns daily until your campaign numbers are met. We always run the campaign until we reach your numbers that you order. Please keep in mind that we can only give you estimates. When we are driving organic attention, it does take time to finish and we will make any adjustments needed.

What is your refund policy?

We do not grant refunds once the work process has been started. We make sure that you know everything that’s involved before we start your campaign. If you have any questions, please let us know and we would love to communicate with you. Our goal is to help educate you on the marketing process or any other services that you ordered. If for any reason, we cannot complete your order, we will refund you for what hasn’t been delivered.

Promotional campaigns are not meant to reflect exact numbers.

No-one can predict exact numbers. Turnaround time varies depending on the state of the brand in question. The numbers involved in your campaign regarding streams/plays and followers are simply an estimated range. Nobody can promise you how many followers will follow you or how long they will stay subscribed. We cannot force users to follow you. If you have any questions please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can review our frequently asked questions and if you have a specific question that is not available here, you can contact us anytime. We like to make sure that you understand what you’re ordering as we offer several different services and each client is unique when it comes to goals and needs.

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Our staff is always on call and we take pride in our customer service. We are open Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm. Please feel free to email us with any questions or inquiries that you have and we will get right back to you to discuss your project.

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