Get your new video placed on the biggest music blog on the planet! gets millions of hits per month with a&r’s, record execs, major artists all watching on a daily basis. Worldstarhiphop Submission will get your video placed in prime real estate bringing attention to your brand. You can also set up a marketing campaign where we will promote your video.

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worldstarhiphop submission

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Worldstarhiphop Submission Submission will place your video on the #1 music video website in the world. You can order a campaign below to drive more attention to the video and drive in views and attention. A lot of our clients land on the Worldstar trending section & some go viral depending on times & content. Get your video placed today & run a campaign to bring more awareness to your new content.

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worldstarhiphop submission

Worldstarhiphop Submission

Get your video placed with the #1 music video website in the world

We submit your new release directly to for placement. You can choose the ad space that you would like to be placed and where your video will go live. This is a great tool to drive attention to your brand and to be seen by millions of people in the music industry. This is a great platform for your new singe releases. You can also choose a promotion campaign to drive more awareness


Get placed on the biggest music video website today!

Our suggestion is always to make sure your social media channels are developed before investing in advertisement marketing. is a very strong platform but you want to make sure that when your video is featured it has the impact that you want. Contact us for a FREE consulation and advice.

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